Greg Morrow (drelmo) wrote,
Greg Morrow

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 comfortably exceeded my expectations.

It is funny, full of genuinely witty banter, and that helps push it through the pathologies of sequel superheroes.

They could have used the word "vibranium". It's even recognizably Wakandan vibranium. It's got V symbolism all over the place. Use the word!

Similarly, Agent Romanov[a] is nowhere said to be codenamed Black Widow. But her costume was perfect and her action scenes truly impressive.

They cut one of the best bits in the trailer -- Pepper kissing the helmet and tossing it out the hatch, Stark diving after it yelling "You complete me".

I was watching the Expo blow up, and thought, wow, look at all the collateral damage. The body count is going to be huge. And then I remembered. This is comics. Not one person was killed. This isn't Movie World or Realistic World or even 90s post-ironic failed-hero comics. This is Marvel Superhero Comics, and no one gets killed by collateral damage. And I smiled.

I am mildly uncomfortable with the post-credits teaser. It's not obvious how to get from SHIELD having the hammer to exile-Thor rediscovering his identity without entangling SHIELD into Thor's origin in ways that potentially compromise his independence. E.g., SHIELD should not be able to move the hammer.
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They even waved around a Not Captain America's Shield Maybe to imply it had the mysterious new element. :)
You know..I hadn't even thought "Vibranium"
They didn't use anyone's codenames apart from Iron Man. (There's a brief reference to the words 'War Machine' in dialog, but he's never called that, and the word "Whiplash" is, like "Ewok" in RotJ, never spoken aloud.)

My guess is that the Thor movie happens concurrently with IM2 (Fury is constantly saying something more important is happening in New Mexico), and the crater scene happens near the end or at the act 2/act 3 boundary...